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It has been some time since I last posted. I was kind of surprised, until I realized that I had been consumed by basketball. Now that the University of Connecticut has won the championship in both men’s and women’s basketball, we can allow the world to continue.

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I can’t let the weekend go by without mentioning Record Store Day and wishing a happy first anniversary to Andrew and Rebekah.

One thing I can usually expect at Passover is a phone call from my husband’s cousin. He and his wife retired to Florida about thirty years ago, but they visit their daughter’s family in Connecticut at the holidays. I guess it’s in his contract; he still works a hundred days a year, continuing his profession as a diagnostic radiologist.

Anyway, before the first Seder, Dr. Cousin thought that he would take a chance and try to visit Harry at the nursing home. Just as he came to the door, an ambulance was pulling up, returning Guess Who to the home from the hospital. After what, seventy-five years or so, they still recognize each other immediately. And then, while Harry was undergoing a treatment, his cousin used the time to phone me — no one had advised us of his release! — and to tell me that he was sitting up, his color was good, etc. Nice to have the word from a real doctor.

Recently I came across a question in an old post: What do you do, or what kind of job did you have. My answer was, I retired from the business world about six [now eight] years ago. I was a secretary / editor / bookkeeper/ administrator / mommy.

That is true, but I was reminded of it a few weeks ago when a former co-worker found me on FB. It was about thirty years ago, and I can pinpoint it because she mentioned that her twins are now thirty years old. She was a field representative, and I was a secretary; theoretically, she outranked me. But I had been there longer than anyone else, and I was older, after all. So the younger women often brought me their questions about various things.

When she and her husband found out they were going to have twins, she asked me all sorts of questions about pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. She still values one piece of information I suggested: to investigate whether her town ran a well-baby clinic. They were delighted with the clinic — no Affordable Care Act then — and the clinic just loved caring for twins!

Now semi-retired, she and her husband are happily living in Mexico, and she blogs about the area, its customs and its wildlife. That is nice.

Finally, I should also mention that the Independent Ms. Charlotte turns four this weekend, so I won’t post again until I return.

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