Tue., September 30, 12:08 PM

I did a different kind of Tuesday last week. Since the Tuesday bus has not been coming at all, I didn’t bother to wait. I wrote letters, did laundry, had my hair cut. Far more productive.

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On Tuesday I also made a condolence call — the shiva was held elsewhere, but the family spent a few of hours here, because their mother and father had both lived here. I had known the couple from our old synagogue, and I felt it was the right thing to do. I talked to the sons and their wives, then sat down and talked with other people.

I did not attempt to shop on Tuesday (obviously), and I decided not to go Thursday either. On Friday, I went to the trivia group.

As you know, I have been a fan of trivia since before it was a pursuit. The style of play here is to call out as soon as you think you know the answer.

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I had been working on this Short Stuff without much to say. The news was getting so old it began to smell. I thought I would do more when I could.

Fortunately I had no real plans. I did go to Rosh Hashanah services on Thursday — that was the twenty-fifth. I didn’t feel well enough to go the next day, so I called my U.D. and asked her to take me to the Walk-In Clinic.

I had a rash on my legs. The doctor took one look, said “ER! Now!”

I was there for three days, which I shall describe soon; I am fine. Except I will also tell you that hospitals can make you sick.

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