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Postscript to “Colbie”: As you know, I had a difficult morning. It was so cold. No shower Tuesday. I put on a second pair of slacks and a hoodie plus a heavy sweater. I began cleaning up the wet, the ice and water on the window sill.

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I had gone downstairs Monday for dinner, which was less than satisfying (early seating so that the girls could go home before the storm). I didn’t wait for coffee or dessert. And no one told me…

I saw rows and rows of paper sacks, and I assumed they were dinners that were going to be delivered. No one happened to mention to me that we were supposed to take one of those for our Tuesday night dinner. After I forced myself to dress for dinner and came down Tuesday night, I found the dining room dark. Tomorrow, assuming that some regular staff has returned, I shall be complaining. I didn’t pay to be ignored!

What are we up to? Wednesday. I coughed so much that I asked to have my supper delivered. On Thursday I managed the cough well enough that I could eat diner socially. (I refuse to mix with people when I could be contagious.)

Friday night dinners are more or less traditional Sabbath dinners. Chicken soup with matzoh balls — everyone knows that’s therapeutic. I felt a lot better after dinner, especially as I passed on the pot roast. (Everyone said it was tasteless.) I had a more comfortable night, getting up regularly to drink water with lemon. Waking up this morning seemed passable. I lay in bed and thought about such things as cooking some soup or making some pasta, making coffee, having a shower. I got up, went to wash my hands, and … no water. Again. But I learned my lesson last time: always make sure there’s water in the Brita® pitcher before you go to bed. At least I had enough for coffee.

I have no idea whether this is my own little problem or something I’ve caught from my fellow residents. They sneeze and cough without covering their faces. There are hand cleaners available, but I’ve never seen anyone use them except perhaps an aide. And people touch things all the time — hand rails, doorknobs, elevator buttons.

I bundle up because I am cold and wake up so warm my hair is wet. It doesn’t seem to be serious, just annoying. Well, tomorrow is a new week and a new month. Maybe things will be better.

In case you’ve been wondering, I have been having some trouble with my computer, trying without much success to fix it. This morning I looked into my comments folder to find several hundred spam comments, many of them in Chinese. How discouraging!

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