Mon., September 22, 10:54 AM

One of the subjects mentioned in promotional ads for this facility is the presence of a library. When I first spoke with my resident counselor, I said that I would be interested in helping with the library, not pushing out the people who had been doing it, but assisting them when needed.

Well, she told me that the person in charge was away and she would inform her when she got back. I have been downstairs looking at the book collection, but I never saw anyone who seemed to know about books.

The only people there are watching television, shows like “Judge Judy” or “Dr. Phil.” I can’t even open a conversation with them. We’re not on the same wavelength.

So one day I just went downstairs and looked at the collection. The paperbacks are kept separate from the hardcovers, but otherwise nothing is really categorized. The authors are in alphabetical order, and that’s all.

I looked through the shelves and chose a book. I should check it out, right? I can’t even see a way to do that. I just carried it up to my room. If I kept it, no one would ever know.

The book I chose was somewhat out of the ordinary — In the Frame; My Life in Words and Pictures by Helen Mirren. As I often do, I looked at the reverse of the title page for publication information. There wasn’t any. (There’s a note on the jacket that says copyright 2008, but the credit lists don’t show anything that recent… Not even “Red”.)

The book was interesting, journal-type entries in varied order, and lots of pictures. It began with her family tree, going back to photos of her great-grandparents in the mid-1800’s. And the stories are interesting.

The Royal Shakespeare Company. Greek drama. Experimental drama, and travels around the world. Did I understand it all? No, but it’s okay.

Some nice early photos of actors like Liam Neeson and others you might like. I’m not familiar with all of them.

I think it’s time to return the book. I guess I can put it back where I found it.

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