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There isn’t much in this post, but (1) it’s a couple of weeks since I did a “short stuff” and (2) I shall be away for a few days.

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Some of you may know that, with my husband in permanent care, the Department of Social Services has an eagle eye on my finances. Now they no longer want to accept my figures, because they don’t know how to interpret a computer-generated bank statement. I told the people at the nursing home to tell them to contact me, as I had suggested in the first place. Maybe I can pull someone into the twenty-first century.

If a little old lady, born before World War II, can do it, there must be someone there I can teach! So far … silence.

It’s not perfect yet, but I certainly am less achy since I began taking calcium again. I shall start introducing the rest of my medications and supplements. I was right, and the doctors were out in left field. How can you hold a patient’s medical history, which says she’s allergic to aspirin, and ask her whether she takes a baby aspirin every day to protect her heart? If I have any heart problems, it’s because of people and their stupidity. I hope I can resist yelling.

I had fun at the trivia hour last week. The moderator, teasing the group, asked if any one of us had voted in the 1936 election, and I said. “Alf Landon.” He said, “that’s the right answer, but I didn’t ask the question yet.” Well, that was a very famous election.

I may soon begin ranting about Christmas advertising. I have held off, but the commercials are here. One advantage they don’t know about: their “new and improved” whatever-it-is may really be better, but if mine is still working well — and mine is paid for — I have no interest in spending money I don’t have.

I have been editing an interesting novel, an alternative history. (I think that’s the proper term.) If only.

And with that, such as it is, I wish you a pleasant Thanksgiving, with the hope that I will have more interesting posts soon.

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