The Cable Company -- Unfair to Seniors!

Sun., December 23, 02:57 PM

I need to write a letter to the Department of Public Utility Control and tell them that our local cable company is not serving its clientele properly. I signed up with this cable company — the only one, of course — about twenty-five years ago. The monthly cost has increased fourfold; the service has not. Writing to the Commission will not make a difference, I'm sure, but someone has got to say something.

From time to time the cable company “relocates” a station, out of reach for the purchasers of extended basic service. Complaints to the company are answered with, “Oh, you just have to pick up a box from the company office and pay $3 more a month, and then you'll get the old channel and a hundred more channels…”

Excuse me, you are not listening! We are senior citizens on a fixed income — without a senior discount. “Just picking up a box” becomes problematic for elderly people who no longer drive. (Sure, I can ask someone to take me, but other people have their own lives and schedules, y'know.)

Why offer me a hundred more channels when there are already at least 30, out of the 75 offered, that I never watch? Why offer both the New York and the Connecticut outlets for the networks, if the alternate station is blacked out?

Above all, now that at least 20 percent of our regular viewing has been removed — we actually turned off the set — will we get a 20 percent rebate on our bills? Do I even get a laugh for cracking jokes?

Remember, Husband is a television addict. In addition, he will be eighty years old in a couple of weeks, and his short-term memory is failing. I am no longer able to instruct him in new technologies, nor should I have to. (I have not bought a new set in this century.) Yeah, he's a PIA, but the world could cut him a little slack. He paid his dues.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I think I have the basis for my letter.

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